is a charity associated with, but independent of, the Church of Ireland diocese of Dublin and Glendalough. It provides financial assistance to orphans during their educational years up to the end of a primary degree.



POS CHILDREN'S EDUCATION FUND incorporates both the Protestant Orphan Society and the Meath Trust which have histories stretching back into the nineteenth century.

The Meath Trust is a separate fund administered by POS Children’s Education Fund. It provides grants to children who are not orphans, attending secondary or third level colleges. The Trust has a traditional emphasis on the City of Dublin.
The Protestant Orphan Society came to provide financial assistance for children within the Dioceses of Dublin and Glendalough, where one or both of their parents have died, for living and education expenses. The object being to attempt to minimise the disadvantage that arises on the death of a parent.


The governance of POS CHILDREN'S EDUCATION FUND and the Meath Trust is vested in a limited company. The directors allocate grants according to the traditions of both.

Applications and Eligibility

POS CHILDREN'S EDUCATION FUND welcomes enquiries from clergy or schools, about possible eligibility for grant assistance from the Fund. We would much rather have to say 'sorry' from time to time than miss being advised of cases where we can and should be involved.
To be eligible an orphan must have at least one deceased parent and one parent who was or is a Protestant, not necessarily a member of the Church of Ireland.
Referrals to POS Childrens Education Fund come from Church of Ireland, Presbyterian and Methodist clergy. Other sources are school principals or bursars, and Protestant Aid. Those referring cases to the charity act as continuing sponsors of the children or students involved.
Financial assistance is normally only given for children living in the diocese of Dublin and Glendalough, but the board does have discretion. Sometimes, if funds permit, and no alternative funding is available, the POS CHILDREN'S EDUCATION FUND tries to continue to fund an eligible child if they move outside the diocese for good reasons. Similarly, assistance can sometimes be given to eligible students from outside the core area who are studying in Dublin.
Such assistance is normally provided to the parent or guardian of a child, the Applicant. It may be provided directly to a third level student. It can be provided in the form of a monthly grant, fees assistance paid to a school or college, or given directly to a supplier for books, travel or clothing.

Some Stories

Here are a few comments from some people who have used our services...

Thank you.

“The financial support POCSEF provided after my father’s passing allowed me to dedicate more time and resources to my studies and ultimately to achieve my dream of going to medical school. I am eternally grateful for their help, kindness and generosity!”
Best Wishes.

My lifeline

POS Children’s Education Fund has been my family’s life line since my 34 year old husband died and left me with 3 children to raise.

Another Beneficiary

“The support I received from POS was, without doubt, instrumental in furthering my education and I am extremely grateful as they have firmly elevated me towards my chosen career path”


POS CHILDREN'S EDUCATION FUND is a registered charity approved by the Revenue Commissioners and donations to it of €250 or over are eligible for income tax relief. The income of the POS CHILDREN'S EDUCATION FUND comes from invested capital, parish donations and private donations.

The Protestant Orphan Society and the Meath Trust have been greatly assisted in achieving their aims over the years from legacies left to the charities.
POS CHILDREN'S EDUCATION FUND will continue to invest all legacies received so that the income generated from the capital of the Fund will continue to help future generations.
Anybody thinking of making a bequest in their will can contact POS CHILDREN'S EDUCATION FUND for further information, or ask their solicitor to contact the Fund.


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